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Sound Aloud Audio VS Sound Sound Noise

Sound Aloud offers a varied range of services, as this range is so diverse. I've decided to divide them into two pockets; Sound Aloud Audio and Sound Aloud Noise.

Sound Aloud Audio

Do you have a band and want to record a demo, which you can submit to record labels and fans? Perhaps you just need some help with getting your message across, balancing the sound of your band members when you perform live? Are you a singer/song writer that wants to show promoters and venues what you can do?

Live recording demonstration

A recording of a singer/guitar player, performing live. I engineered the sound and recorded it into my laptop. No post production has been applied to this recording.

00:00 / 04:30

Sound Aloud Audio is focused on engineering and capturing material you've already practised yourself. I can multitrack record material you've pre rehearsed, and then add appropriate post production and finishing touches to make your artwork sound as complete as possible. Or I could just simply make sure everything sounds okay when you play live to your fans!

Sound Aloud Noise

Sound Aloud Noise is committed to anything that involves creating a sound. Ranging from simple sound effect design to producing an entire musical production from beginning to end.

Services I have provided are the production of additional foley sounds and post production for film and engineering for musically minded DJs to help them produce their own dance music tracks.

Below is a series of four short films consolidated into one. I got involved in the post production of chapter two to four. I designed and processed the foley sounds, post produced the vocal recordings and balanced the levels before the music was added.

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