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About Sound Aloud

Sound Aloud consists of Liam Price, Producer and Sound Engineer based in the Midlands of the United Kingdom. Originally only a rock drummer, Liam began his interest in the technical side of music when he developed a taste for more electronic sounds. Working hard producing his own music Liam has acquired many skills with recording audio, sound design, sound engineering and post production.

Equipment Includes
- Apple Mac Pro - The heart of it all!
- Pro Tools Digi 002 - 16 channel digital hardware recording and audio interface.
- Behringer DDX3216 - 32 channel digital mixing consol.
Shure PGM6 - 6 piece mic set, suitable for a range of recording circumstances!
Access Virus TI2 Polar - Part of the second generation family of the Total Integration synthesiser by Access Music. This is arguably the coolest bit of kit I own!
Korg MS2000 - Cool Virtual Analogue Synth from the start of the 21st century!
- Roland MC303 Groovebox - Rolands very own copy cat of their legendary TB303 analogue synthesiser!
Korg Kaos Pad 3 - Effects and sample unit.
- TC Electronic Finalizer 96K - Muliband Compresser and mastering unit.
- Plus a wide range of other bits and bobs that assist me to do what it is I do!

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